Welcome to Full Spectrum: Micro-Publications from OpenARCHEM!

Our new online journal, Full Spectrum, features a range of short articles (“micro-publications”) by OpenARCHEM team members and collaborators, highlighting ongoing transdisciplinary research and exciting new developments in organic residue analysis and in the reconstruction of ancient commercial, social, or palaeoecological networks.

We aim to publish every quarter a major piece (“Communication“) directly related to OpenARCHEM research with smaller, potentially more general, pieces (“Notes“) interspersed throughout the year. We welcome any outside contributions that reflect our integrated, holistic approach to the study of the ancient world. Interested contributors should contact the Full Spectrum Co-Editors (kbirney at wesleyan.edu, akoh at mit.edu) or Co-Managing Editors (annakkrohn at gmail, hwong621 at brandeis.edu).

Stay tuned for updates on ancient medical recipes and medieval botanical treatises, developments in lipid biomarker identifications, wear patterns on opium jugs, Bronze age “mystery” plants, and much more!